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High-quality content on social media platforms such as Instagram has become indispensable for reaching target groups and presenting your company appropriately. With our social media videos you provide content and entertainment on your social channels.


How do you sustainably build organic reach and online presence? With our social media videos, you’ll capture viewers’ attention in the first few seconds.


The potential formats and content are very diverse and are customized. But regardless of this, we produce videos that are intended to inform, while directly addressing and entertaining the target audience.


From Instagram to YouTube to LinkedIn, we help you showcase your business in the world of social media.

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What is a social media video?

Tiktok, YouTube shorts, Instagram reels – social media is now dominated by video content. Whether it’s an informative YouTube video or an Instagram reel, there are no limits to creativity on social media. Videos on social channels can take the form of product videos, explainer videos or behind-the-scenes content. Moving images are a crucial element in increasing awareness of your brand and using social media as an effective marketing tool.

What is the purpose of a social media video?

Professionally designed videos on your social media channels bring several advantages. Because well-made content is the foundation of a strong social media presence. Both the topics and the creative implementation must fit the brand as well as current trends. Frequency also plays a role: together we develop a content strategy and you are able to publish gripping content at a high rate. High-quality social media videos are the ideal means to emotionalize the communication between you and your target group. Product advertising via social media channels can also be very successful.

How is a social media video produced at Cinewerk?

No matter whether in portrait or landscape format and also no matter for which of your platforms: We develop fancy social media concepts for you, shoot cross-channel content and tailor the entire production individually for you. After a comprehensive conception of the content to be shot, we produce it with technical high-quality equipment. We stand for efficient production planning, so that a variety of valuable formats can be shot in one day.


Since all social media platforms have different requirements, formats and target groups, we first get to know you and your goals. Then we are able to customize ideas, formats and content to suit you. In principle, our goal is to create videos that have the potential to generate high organic reach.


We produce authentic social media videos with high production value, creating unique content that engages audiences and gives your business more visibility on social media. Our passion for video production is reflected in every project we realize.

post production

After filming is completed, post-production follows. Through dynamic editing and entertaining storytelling, your social media video will stay in the viewers’ minds. Even in this phase of production, we remain in close contact with you and take your ideas into account in feedback loops.

Where do we shoot your social media video?

The filming locations of our production depend entirely on the jointly developed concept. Our headquarters are in Cologne, so we mostly shoot there and in the vicinity of Bonn, Aachen or Düsseldorf. Nevertheless, we are open for productions all over Germany.

FIRST STEPS Towards Social Media Video

Our team, based in Cologne’s Rheinauhafen, will be happy to advise you. Uncomplicated and without obligation. Just get in touch with us.

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