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Imagefilm Production in Cologne

A convincing external representation not only builds trust but also fosters deep emotional connections. An image film is an effective tool in this regard. As a Cologne-based film production company, we create image films of all kinds. What sets us apart is a high standard both visually and in terms of content.


With our image films, we build a bridge between your company, your stakeholders, your customers, and everyone who should become one. An emotional packaging creates a lasting impression.


Random buzzword bingo is a thing of the past. Let’s tell real stories about your organization, together. Showing authentic characters and personalities. Because authenticity has the biggest impact.


An image film represents your company. How well it is made directly impacts brand perception. That’s why we focus on high-quality cinematic visuals. Quality, made in Cologne.

An elderly man kiteboarding for an image film cologne produced for Adito software company.

Adito software


A visualization of a bridge in a image film produced for Hilscher.
Play Video about A visualization of a bridge in a image film produced for Hilscher.



Allround Team


Shop apotheke

Awarness Film


Brand Awareness Film

Imagefilm Cologne: How is production done at Cinewerk?

We are a film production company based in the Rheinauhafen in Cologne. Creating an image film involves the entire spectrum of skills of video production – from ideation and conception to production and post-production. Our commitment is to high quality, and this is not an empty phrase for us. However, we always seek pragmatic solutions to stay within your budget. One of our particular strengths lies in consulting and conceptualization. The creative possibilities for an image film are limitless, but the approach remains similar.


The development of ideas and the elaboration of a concept require special care. Here, the right focus is created, as well as messages that provide real depth. It is important to us to create concepts that are authentic and tangible.


Once the right framework is set with the conception, it’s time for the production. In this phase, our film team works with state-of-the-art camera technology and lighting to create images that are engaging. An empathetic approach to the protagonists ensures good results on set.


The task in post-production is to create a symbiosis of clear messages with aesthetic visuals. From selecting the right music to choosing the best interviews and the most compelling shots, the field of work is very diverse. The final product is rounded off with motion graphics, color grading, and sound design.

An image film is a short film that presents a company, brand, or product in an emotional and entertaining way. The film captures attention, excites the target audience, and builds trust. A well-made image film can have a strong and long-lasting impact on the company’s image, helping it stand out from the competition. The image film has not lost its importance. It continues to be the cinematic business card of any organization.

As the name suggests, an image film is intended to strengthen the image of a company or brand and to arouse the interest of the target audience. Through the use of impressive visuals and music, an image film can build an emotional connection with the audience, establish trust, and generate interest. Increasingly important for employee recruitment: An image film can also be a valuable tool for attracting new talent.

Image Film Cologne: Our headquarters are located centrally in Cologne. Therefore, we realize most of our productions in the Cologne area as well as in surrounding cities such as Bonn, Aachen, Düsseldorf, Essen, Dortmund, and all other regions in North Rhine-Westphalia. Since we collaborate with national and international companies, we have extensive experience and networks for productions throughout Germany and our European neighboring countries.

An image film can be used on a company’s website, at trade shows and events, or on social media platforms. It can be incorporated into client presentations, showcased in lobbies, or linked in the email signatures of employees. There are many touchpoints where an image film can be effectively utilized.

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