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We produce films and captivating commercials for people. For brands that inspire people. As a modern production company and commercial film production in Cologne, we don’t just think video, but cross-platform content. Driven by strategic storytelling. Professionals in production and direction. Our heart beats for cinema-quality images and the big emotions. In 2022, we took first place at the German Brand Award and gold at the Digital Communication Awards.

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The video boom, modern film production & social media

Clothes make people. And content makes companies. Film and video content are becoming the supreme discipline. Screen time is increasing and with it the demand for content. The fast-moving social media world is constantly crying out for new formats and authentic stories. This requires an innovative film production company. Together with talented filmmakers of all stripes, our team works directly on the pulse of time. Our aim is not only to pick up on current trends, but to shape them ourselves.

Full service production for all content formats

What’s being watched on the Internet? Authentic and personal videos. Emotional stories in short and long form. Fictional and real social media content as well as informative formats. Targeted commercials also continue to play an important role. The range of cinematic offerings is growing. Old formats are not disappearing, they are being rethought. As a full service film and video production company based in Cologne, we are not only washed with Rhine water, but really with all waters. Whether it’s a large film set like a feature film or a compact content production in a mini-team: we adapt the production to the project. And deliver what the creative heart desires.

Cologne film production, video production, content creator?

Yes, that’s Cinewerk! In the middle of Cologne, in the Rheinauhafen. Of course, our work is not limited to Cologne, Bonn and Düsseldorf. In addition to North Rhine-Westphalia, we also realize productions throughout Germany and our European neighbors. We are also happy to supervise the film projects throughout the entire creation process, starting with the conception. You are already further along and looking for a partner for shooting or post-production? Then Cinewerk is the right place for you.

Film Production

Cinewerk as a film production implements filming for cinematic projects. This includes fictional films, short films, commercials and advertising, but also documentaries and music videos. We cooperate with renowned directors, DoPs and actors and find a unique style for each project. On elaborate sets we bring the respective story to life.

Video Production

Cinewerk as a video production company provides efficient shooting teams for smaller film projects. This includes corporate videos such as recruiting videos, image films, event videos, reference marketing, talk shows or smaller advertising content. Next to business, we also realize videos for NGOs, artists, public institutions or start-ups. Even if the budget is limited, there are no limits to creativity.

Content Creator

Cinewerk as a content creator thinks freely – away from single videos to cross-platform content. Stories are captured as entertaining videos or photo-text combinations. Laymen are put in front of the camera in a sympathetic way. The result is diverse: personal stories, individual social media content, video animation, explanatory films, eLearnings and much more.

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