{documentary film | docudrama}


{documentary film | docudrama}

Real stories told in a gripping way

True stories are the most captivating stories. That’s why we enjoy working on documentary formats so much. With us, you have the opportunity to produce a documentary film that strikes a balance between great visuals and relevant content. We have experience in producing for streaming services such as Amazon Prime Video, YouTube, as well as TV formats.


A good documentary must meet high journalistic standards. Our team has many years of journalistic experience. Solid research is the basis of every good documentary.


The factual basis must be right. Nevertheless, a documentary – if it is well made – is emotional. At best, the story of the protagonists is told in such a way that it touches the audience.


A documentary can look just as good as a movie. We are committed to a high-quality style that stands out.

close-up shot of a businessman from a report for Amazon Prime Video


Amazon Prime Documentary

dreamy looking man in a caravan from a travel documentary in the south of France
Play Video about dreamy looking man in a caravan from a travel documentary in the south of France


Travel Documentary

Ben Buechner

Artist Portrait

EL Champion

Short Documentary

akademie schwerte


WE are looking for exciting stories

We are always on the lookout for interesting stories. Are you a journalist and have researched a topic that you would like to capture on film? Do you have a story that really needs to be told? Let’s talk about it. We are also open to independent work or other alternative forms of cooperation. Of course, we are also available for commissioned work.

Documentaries with a cinematic look

At least since the Netflix era, we know: A documentary can also look good. At best, the look is no different from a high-quality feature film. At Cinewerk, this is also our standard for a documentary. We produce with high-quality cinema cameras and the corresponding lenses. We combine journalistic and editorial experience with our knowledge of creating high-quality cinematic products.


Our team based in Cologne will be happy to consult you. Easy and without obligation. Just get in touch with us. We look forward to the chat.

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