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A product film presents or explains a product in an entertaining way and highlights its benefits. We stand for product films with high-quality images that suit your brand and your product.


High-quality shots and detailed post-processing ensure that your product is shown to its best advantage.


For more complex products, a product video helps to clarify open questions for potential customers and eliminate fears.


For many products, it makes sense to emotionally charge them with a simple story or images with a lifestyle character and thus stand out from comparable products.

How is a product film produced at Cinewerk?

Our team of professional filmmakers takes care of the entire concept, production planning, the filming itself and post-production. Working closely with you, we do everything we can to produce a high-quality product film with a lasting impact.


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Product Ad



Street one

Product Reel


There is no such thing as THE right product film. The right design always depends on the target, the touchpoint and the product itself. We bring these strands together conceptually – so that the product film is a well-rounded affair.


During pre-production, we take care of the crew, location and organization. On the day of shooting, we ensure high-quality images with experienced filmmakers and cinema-quality equipment. And for a good atmosphere on set.


Editing, dubbing, color grading and animation: a dynamic and high-quality end result is created in post-production.

A product film is often created to present a product or service in a visually appealing and convincing way. Overall, the purpose of a product film is to present the product in the best possible way and to persuade potential customers to make a purchase.

As a team, we are flexible when it comes to filming locations. Our head office is in Cologne.  That’s why we usually produce there, in the surrounding areas of Cologne, Düsseldorf, Aachen or Bonn. However, we are always open to supra-regional shoots.

The main aim of a product film is to inspire and arouse interest. It often leaves a more convincing impression than conventional flyers or brochures. Accordingly, product films can be used universally and are ideal for showcasing the product at various touchpoints:

  • Product demonstration: The film can demonstrate the functionality, features and benefits of the product or service by showing it in action. This can help potential customers to better understand the product and visualize its use.
  • Branding: A product film can help to strengthen the brand image and gain consumer trust by conveying the brand’s values, philosophy and uniqueness.
  • Sales promotion: By presenting the product in an attractive way, a product film can help to arouse the interest of potential customers and motivate them to make a purchase decision.
  • Provide information: The film can provide detailed information about the product or service, such as technical specifications, application possibilities, guarantees, prices, etc.
  • Improve online presence: Product films can be published on various online platforms such as company websites, social media, YouTube, etc. to increase the visibility of the product and attract potential customers.
  • Training purposes: In some cases, product films can also be used for training purposes to better explain the product to employees or distributors and train them on how to market or sell it effectively.

First step towards a product film

Our team is based in the heart of Cologne and is looking forward to your non-binding inquiry. Let’s start an exchange, just get in touch with us!

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