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You want to create an original commercial for your product or service that convinces? We produce your commercial and support you from the idea generation and production to the completion of the final clip. 


A successful commercial is characterized by a unique and creative idea that stands out and is remembered.


Emotional, humorous or informative: we tell a successful story that sticks with the audience.


A commercial can be targeted to one platform – such as TV ads or Youtube ads – or designed for broad cross-channel use.




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What is a commercial?

Short, catchy and creative – that’s what makes a successful commercial. The desired core message is packaged in an emotional, funny or informative story, which remains in the memory and picks up the target group.

What is the purpose of a commercial?

The goal of a commercial is to brand a product or service expressively to the desired target audience in a short period of time. They are also an excellent means of branding.
Promotional videos aim to appeal to customers in a concrete way and convey your core message in a memorable way. There are countless ways to package the features of a product or service into a story in an original way and set the scene. This way, the commercial can be effectively aligned with the target audience and remains in their memory. The end result is suitable for all platforms, from television to social networks!

How is a commercial produced at Cinewerk?

Your commercial will be planned and produced by our team of experienced filmmakers. Here we take over the entire conception and planning of the project from the development of an exciting and target group oriented idea, the planning of the shooting to the completion of the final video. Of course, we take you along every step of the way and take your ideas and feedback into account.


In general, the conception includes the development of a creative idea. First, we get to know you and the goals of your company, so that we can then work together to develop a concept for your commercial. We not only consider the character of the company, but also never lose sight of the ideas of the target group.


During the production of the commercial, your company can rely on our experienced team and our network of professional cooperation partners. The shot material is edited in-house and thus time-efficiently and reliably edited and finished by our editors.


Of course, your commercial must also be brought to the public. This can be done by publishing it on various social networks and video platforms as well as on TV. At the same time, you can also use your clip at trade fairs or within your company as a high-quality advertisement for customers.

Where do we shoot your commercial?

Even though our headquarters are located in Cologne, we are flexible when it comes to choosing a suitable filming location. We realize most of our productions around Cologne as well as in the surrounding regions in North Rhine-Westphalia. Since we work with national and international corporations, we have a lot of experience and networks for productions all over Germany and in our European neighboring countries.

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Our team, based in Cologne’s Rheinauhafen, will be happy to advise you. Uncomplicated and without obligation. Just get in touch with us.

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